The Muslim Council of Britain is a national representative Muslim umbrella body with over 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.

It is an independent body, established to promote consultation, cooperation and coordination on Muslim affairs in the United Kingdom. The Muslim Council of Britain is a non-sectarian body working for the common good without interfering in, displacing or isolating any existing Muslim work in the community. It is a broad-based, representative organisation of Muslims in Britain, accommodating and reflecting the variety of social and cultural backgrounds and outlook of the community. The Muslim Council of Britain is pledged to work for the common good of society as a whole; encouraging individual Muslims and Muslim organisations to play a full and participatory role in public life. The Muslim Council of Britain is a democratic body, built on consultation, co-operation and co-ordination among Muslim institutions and concerned Muslims throughout Britain. DONATE

  1. To promote cooperation, consensus and unity on Muslim affairs in the UK.
  2. To encourage and strengthen all existing efforts being made for the benefit of the Muslim community.
  3. To work for a more enlightened appreciation of Islam and Muslims in the wider society.
  4. To establish a position for the Muslim community within British society that is fair and based on due rights.
  5. To work for the eradication of disadvantages and forms of discrimination faced by Muslims.
  6. To foster better community relations and work for the good of society as a whole.

“To empower the Muslim community to contribute towards achieving a cohesive, just and successful British society.”

Statement adopted at the MCB’s  Annual General Meeting in 2008 on the occasion of its Tenth anniversary.

Core Principles 

Faith and community The Muslim Council of Britain is a British Muslim organisation. We believe our faith and community bind us together, enabling us to make a meaningful and valuable contribution to British society. Inclusive, Independent, Intra-faith The MCB is an inclusive, body with all schools of thoughts and traditions represented amongst its affiliates. Its officials, volunteers and members come from all social and cultural backgrounds, schools of thought and political views. Open and transparent The MCB is a robustly independent body with a rigorous democratic process. Affiliates and elected officials abide by a Constitution with an Islamic ethos.

The Muslim Council of Britain is a formally constituted body with a system of representation and accountability. Established in 1997, the Muslim Council adopted the following Constitution and Standing Orders. MCB ConstitutionMCB Standing Orders