After Finsbury Park: Worrying Hate Crime Incidents in the Past few Weeks

4 July 2017

The Muslim Council of Britain today highlights the shocking spate of hate crimes against Muslims in the past few weeks. In particular, two Muslim cousins suffered an acid attack in east London, leaving their faces disfigured for life. The police are treating the attack as a hate crime. We’ve also heard of how a machete-wielding man shouted he would ‘chop all Muslims up’ outside Justin Bieber concert, and a Muslim who was knocked unconscious by thugs who then vandalised his home with racist graffiti quoting Katie Hopkins’ “final solution” tweet. The Metropolitan Police have recorded a fivefold rise in Islamophobic attacks after the Manchester arena bombing, with a spike in London before the Finsbury Park attack.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “Even after the atrocity experience at Finsbury Park, these violent attacks are no less disturbing and underlines again the importance to tackle anti-Muslim hate crime seriously. The Muslim Council of Britain has been contacted several times about recent attacks on Muslims, and I regret to say that there is a sense of fear amongst some sections of our community, particularly amongst Muslim women. We recognise the strong statements of support from the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary after the Finsbury Park terror attack. However, it is imperative that not only is there political leadership on ensuring a zero-tolerance policy on Islamophobia and all forms of hate crime – but also that the rhetoric translates into action and the many recommendations in the Hate Crime Action Plan are actually put into practice.

While I hope recent statements by police and government to tackle Islamophobic hate crime is carried out on the ground, I hope our communities will come forward and report hate crime. At the same time, we must all continue to be vigilant against Islamophobia – it cannot remain the acceptable form of prejudice that it is in sections of our society and media.


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