American Sharia – Comedy Film Tour By Penny Appeal

Penny Appeal are proud to exclusively host the UK screenings of the highly anticipated Muslim comedy film, American Sharia.

Coming to a city near you, the family-friendly film stars leading Muslim entertainers from around the globe, including Omar Regan, Native Deen, Preacher Moss, Adam Saleh and many, many more.

Omar and his friends will also join the UK tour, which is part of Penny Appeal’s charity extravaganza month, Smile Relief. Smile Relief is all about reviving the Sunnah of smiling as a form of charity and raising money to help orphans across the world.

Watch the trailer here. To Book your ticket, visit

Venue details and dates can be found below:

London – Hackney Empire
11th Feb ’15 6:00pm – SOLD OUT!

Luton – UK Carnival Arts Centre
13th Feb ’15 6:00pm (Last Few Remaining)

Leicester – University of Leicester
14th Feb ’15 6:00pm (Last Few Remaining)

15th Feb ’15 6:00pm

Derby – QUAD
17th Feb ’15 6:00pm

Leeds – Carriageworks Theatre
18th Feb ’15 6:00pm (Last Few Remaining)

Sheffield – City Hall
19th Feb ’15 6:00pm (Last Few Remaining)

Bradford – Life Centre
20th Feb ’15 6:00pm (Last Few Remaining)

Newcastle – Dance City
21st Feb ’15 6:00pm

Middlesbrough – Middlesbrough Theatre
22nd Feb ’15 6:00pm

Edinburgh – Scotland’s New Writing Theatre
26th Feb ’15 6:00pm

27th Feb ’15 6:00pm

28th Feb ’15 6:00pmSOLD OUT!

1st Mar ’15 6:00pm

Liverpool – The Dome
4th Mar ’15 6:00pm

Coventry – The Welcome Centre
5th Mar ’15 6:00pm

Bristol – University of Bristol Students Union
6th Mar ’15 6:00pm

Birmingham – The ICC
7th Mar ’15 6:00pmSOLD OUT!

Cardiff – Marble Hall
8th Mar ’15 6:00pm

Slough – West Wing Arts Centre
10th Mar ’15 6:00pmSOLD OUT!

East London
11th Mar ’15 6:00pm

25th Feb ’15 6:00pm



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