Cardiff University Research on Charity Giving

This research aims to document the contribution that British Muslims make to society via charitable giving. The research objectives are to capture key motivations behind charitable giving and the extent to which British-Muslims value and relate to charitable organisations and their activities. The research is being conducted in close collaboration with the Islamic Banking & Finance Centre (IBFC) with the ultimate aim of exploring ways in which charitable behaviour can be used as an Islamic Finance instrument for common good & for helping local communities.

Anyone who is a British-Muslim, holds a British nationality and is aged over 18 is welcome to complete the survey. The survey will take no more than 15 minutes of your time. Kindly pass this survey link to any of your family and friends who may also wish to participate. In order to say a big thank you for your valuable time and support, we are offering participants a chance to win £5 each in a gift voucher 

Please click the link below to take part in the survey: