Report Islamophobia with the Muslim Council of Britain

What is Islamophobia? In our reporting, Islamophobia includes when someone or something is targeted, discriminated against or excluded in any way, due to their/its actual or perceived Muslim identity. It also includes prejudice that promotes fear against Muslims and Islam (see below for a more detailed list of the types of Islamophobia). To see further information about Islamophobia, see the 1997 Runnymede … Read More

Be careful with your health this Ramadan

With some 5 hours only available to eat, drink, sleep and pray, Ramadan in the UK will be tough. Please ensure you look after your health during this blessed time. Factsheets Ramadan Health Fact Sheet 2014 Ramadan and Diabetes: MCB-Diabetes UK leaflet Ramadan and diabetes A detailed guide for people with diabetes  See also Islamic group’s health advice over Ramadan … Read More