Muslim Council of Britain Writes to The Times Following Incendiary Headline

The Muslim Council of Britain has written to The Times following their incendiary front page article, entitled ‘Call for national debate on Muslim sex grooming’. The paper has published the MCB’s response, but the full, unedited letter can be read below:    Sir – Sexual abuse is wrong whoever the perpetrators may be. However your incendiary front page article, entitled … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Responds to Boris Johnson’s Allegation

*Update* 24th March 2015 The Daily Telegraph has now published a correction to the article written by Boris Johnson on 2nd March 2015, in which he incorrectly accused the MCB of critising him on his statements made about ‘terrorists being obsessed with pornography’. The MCB made no such criticism and this has been corrected online on the Daily Telegraph’s website. It reads as follows: “An … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Responds to The Times

On Tuesday 26 August, The Times newspaper attacked the Muslim Council of Britain in its Leader article. On 28 August, it published a shortened version of the Muslim Council of Britain’s response. Since it has failed to publish our full response, we include it here now.   Sir, Your leader (Counsel of Immoderation, 26 Aug) grudgingly accepts the fact that the Muslim … Read More

British Muslims Condemn Anti-Muslim Bigotry Printed in the Daily Mail


20th February 2014 Leading British Muslim and interfaith organisations today wrote to Paul Dacre, the Editor of the Daily Mail condemning an article by columnist Richard Littlejohn that deployed hateful Muslim stereotypes. The column purports to criticise an individual but instead uses slurs commonly found in racist and far-right websites to make its point. Entitled “Jolly Jihadi’s Outing to Legoland”, the … Read More