Letter to IPSO about their Independence

24 October 2016 Today the Muslim Council of Britain wrote a letter to the Chairman of IPSO to seek clarification of its independence after one of its board members published an article conveying worrying attitudes to a woman’s choice of dress, and even more astonishingly, attacking a complainant to IPSO. The full letter can be seen below. (Update: The MCB … Read More

Book Launch of Dr Salman Al-Azami’s ‘Religion in the Media’

MCB’s ReDoc (Research & Documentation Committee) in partnership with ICBI (the Institutional Capacity Building Initiative) present the launch of Dr Salman Al-Azami’s book, ‘Religion in the Media‘. Date/Time: Wednesday 16 November 2016, 6-8pm. This ground-breaking book takes an interdisciplinary approach to language, religion and  media using an audience-response study. In this book, the author investigates how the three Abrahamic faiths … Read More

Disturbing Report of Muslim Woman’s Hijab Pulled Off

The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply disturbed to hear about the shocking incident where a Muslim woman’s hijab was ripped off by two men in a busy London street. The attack took place in Haringey, North London around 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th October. The victim was not injured but was deeply shocked and distressed by the incident. Dr Omer … Read More

Islamic New Year 1438

30 September 2016 In welcoming the Islamic New Year 1438, the Secretary General of the MCB, Harun Khan said, “The first Islamic year commenced with the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from his home in Makkah to a new city following persecution. We pray for every refugee who has fled their home in recent times, fleeing from persecution and … Read More

MCB Hosts Turkish Parliamentary Delegation

4 August 2016 On 2nd August 2016 the Muslim Council of Britain hosted a delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament at its office in London. The delegation from Ankara consisted of five MPs; Mr Talip Küçükcan (MP for Adana, AKP), Mr Azmi Ekinci (MP for Istanbul, AKP), Mr Osman Aşkın Bak (MP for Rize, AKP), Mr Mevlüt … Read More

Normandy Church Attack

26 July 2016 The Muslim Council of Britain is shocked and horrified to learn about the attack today at a church in Normandy, France where a priest has been brutally murdered and others seriously injured. The Secretary General of the MCB, Harun Khan said, “I condemn this barbaric attack on an elderly compatriot of faith.  It is utterly reprehensible, and there is … Read More

AGM Panel: “UK as a Multi-Storied Nation”

A highlight at the MCB’s AGM (17 July 2016) was a panel discussion chaired by the Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP on the theme ‘Islam, Participation & Public Life‘. Among the distinguished contributors was Robin Richardson, who served on the secretariat of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life, convened by the Woolf Institute, and chaired by … Read More

Independent Investigation – Interim Report

17 July 2016 Following the Secretary General’s call on 14th April 2016 for an independent inquiry to review allegations made about one of MCB’s affiliates, Aalami Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat, also known as Stockwell Green Mosque, the MCB has now received an interim report provided by the independent panel. Dr Shuja Shafi issued the following statement: “I have now received … Read More

Never Forget: Twenty-First Anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre

11 July 2016 Today the Muslim Council of Britain joins the world in remembering the 21st anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica. With over 8,000 Muslim men and boys murdered, this was the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War. Today we honour them and remember their suffering. The pain of Srebrenica is still etched in our … Read More