MCB 20th AGM – Call for Candidates

Every two years the MCB appoints its office-bearers: a Secretary General (SG), a Deputy Secretary General (DSG), a Treasurer, three Assistant Secretary Generals (ASGs) and a Deputy Treasurer. The SG and DSG for the 2018-2020 term will be directly elected by affiliates’ delegates on Sunday 8th July at the MCB’s 20th Annual General Meeting in East London, insha Allah. Elections … Read More

Clarification on Guardian’s ‘Alternative to Prevent’ Article

March 2018 A report in The Guardian (22/03/18) incorrectly stated that the Muslim Council of Britain is backing an anti-radicalisation programme called ‘Safe and Secure’. We are not backing or endorsing any specific initiative however we have stated many times our position against terrorism and the duty on government agencies to keep our country safe. To be clear, we are … Read More

Counter Terrorism National Listening Exercise – London Event

The MCB is launching a National Listening Exercise on issues around counter-terrorism, seeking the views of the different Muslim communities across the UK. We will be running listening events and focus groups throughout 2018; as well as releasing a survey and asking for submissions on a range of issues around counter-terrorism The aims of the National Listening Exercise are to: … Read More

Vile Hate Campaign to Hurt Muslims

10 March 2018 Following several reports of abominable hateful letters being distributed to ‘hurt Muslims’, the MCB has issued the statement below: “This vile letter campaign sent to Muslims across the UK has caused deep distress and alarm. We welcome the action being taken by the police to investigate this matter. Sadly it is reflective of hate against Muslims which … Read More

Better Mosques: A Community Consultation

Tell us how we should achieve better mosques in 2018 ‘Better Mosques: A Community Consultation’ is a nationwide consultation – running from 20 January to 31 March 2018 – inviting views on how a structured and national approach to developing better mosques in the UK can be achieved. Details are online at: It was launched the Our Mosques Our Future … Read More

The Sunday Times on the MCB: Getting the Facts Right

28 January 2018 Today The Sunday Times has published an article with a number of assertions about the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), primarily aimed at de-legitimising the organisation. The MCB is the country’s largest umbrella body of Muslim organisations and works similarly to many other national representative bodies. Founded in 1997, the MCB now has over 500 mosques, educational … Read More

MCB Congratulates Those Named in 2018 Honours List

30 December 2017 The Muslim Council of Britain would like to congratulate all those extraordinary individuals recognised in the 2018 New Year’s Honours List. The honours system recognises people who have committed themselves to serving and helping Britain, and who have made achievements in public life. The 2018 New Year’s Honours Muslim award winners include: CBE Ms Nuzhat SALEH, Assistant … Read More

MCB Stands in Solidarity with Belfast Islamic Centre

23 December 2017 It has been brought to our attention that the Belfast Islamic Centre, an affiliate of the MCB has been attacked again today, following an incident with Britain First a few weeks ago. Worshippers found parts of a pig left at the mosque today. This incident follows several faced by Muslim communities in Belfast including women being threatened, … Read More

Census 2021 Consultation

21 December 2017 The Office for National Statistics (ONS) organised a ‘Census, Population & Public Policy Forum’ on 13 December to gauge views in the areas of ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation. Dr Jamil Sherif of ReDoc represented the MCB at the forum, which included participation from  faith communities and other advocacy groups.  Two of the expert speakers were … Read More