MCB Condemns ongoing violence in Syria

Tuesday 07 February 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain calls upon President Assad and his regime to exercise the utmost restraint in dealing with the ongoing disputes in Syria. By attacking its own people, and pursuing those seeking human rights and democracy, the Syrian government has pushed the country deeper towards civil war: risking the country’s rich heritage and diverse … Read More

Save Shaker Aamer – Rt Hon Sadiq Khan’s (MP) letter to PM David Cameron

Friday 11th January 2013 Shaker Aamer is the last British resident remaining in Guantanamo Bay despite having been cleared for release. He has now entered his 11th year of detention. Below is a letter from the Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP to Prime Minister, David Cameron:   In order for his case to be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee, … Read More

Islamophobia Analysed

Monday 26 November 2012 A workshop convened by MCB’s Research and Documentation Committee (ReDoc) on 24th November 2012 highlighted the scale of the problem of Islamophobia and discussed responses through a series of workshops. Workshop participants included leading academics and researchers in the field, policy analysts and community organisers. The event was co-chaired by AbdoolKarim Vakil, chair of ReDoc, lecturer … Read More