Muslim Votes Appear to Have Made a Difference at this General Election

The Muslim Council of Britain reveals how in 39 key constituencies, Muslim communities may have had an impact. 9 June 2017 Analysis by the Muslim Council of Britain reveals the strength of Muslim communities coming out to vote at the general election yesterday. This follows earlier analysis by the Muslim Council of Britain which identified 16 constituencies where the impact of … Read More

Over 130 Imams & Religious Leaders from diverse backgrounds refuse to perform the funeral prayer for London attackers in an unprecedented move

5 June 2017 Imams and religious leaders from across the country and a range of schools of thought have come together to issue a public statement condemning the recent terror attack in London and conveying their pain at the suffering of the victims and their families. In an unprecedented move, they have not only refused to perform the traditional Islamic … Read More

Press Conference: London Bridge Attack

4 June 2017 The Muslim Council of Britain held a press conference to discuss and speak out against the London Bridge attack. The following is a statement from Harun Khan, Secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain:   Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for attending at such short notice. As you can see, we have Muslim community representatives from … Read More

London Bridge Attack: Muslim Council of Britain Response

4 June 2017 Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain has issued the following statement after the terrorist incident in London: “I am appalled and angered by the terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, in my home city. These acts of violence were truly shocking and I condemn them in the strongest terms. Muslims everywhere … Read More

BBC Changes Definition of ‘Islamist’ on Front Page Story After Complaint

In May 2017, whilst the BBC was reporting Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, they published definitions of the words ‘Islamist’ and ‘Islamic’. However, the definition of the word ‘Islamist’ used was a non-standard definition, and from one individual from the Washington Institute of Near East Policy, who said the word Islamist is ‘the name of a dystopian ideology which is … Read More

Express Retraction Over False Claim School ‘Banned’ From Singing Silent Night

In December 2016, the Express falsely claimed that school children were banned from singing Silent Night over ‘fears it will offend other religions’. After this was challenged by Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Miqdaad Versi, and others, the Express corrected its misleading headline on 25th May 2017, with an acknowledgement of the error in a note at the bottom … Read More

Ramadan Message from the Secretary General

I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Ramadan, and hope that this month helps us focus on our much needed time for spiritual reflection, devotion and generosity. This week we have seen the devastating attack in Manchester which killed 22 people and left 59 people injured. Our prayers and thoughts have been with the families, and no … Read More

We Muslims can’t combat the poison of terrorism alone

(Published in The Telegraph: By Harun Khan, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain The attack on the Manchester Arena last night was callous, horrific and barbarous. That the perpetrator or perpetrators targeted an event attended by children and young people only underscores the savagery of this incident. As a parent I look on with horror, and shudder at the thought of those … Read More

Collation of Responses to Manchester Attack

Muslim Council of Britain: Following the attack on Manchester Arena last night, Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, issued the following statement: “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I understand teenagers and children have been caught up in what the police has confirmed to be a terrorist attack. This is horrific, … Read More