Last minute plea against invading Iraq – Muslims meet Blair

05 Mar 2003 ‘Please think hard and reconsider your position on invading Iraq. There is still time to return from the brink. You can help save not only the already blighted Iraqi people but also the whole world from the recurring collateral damage that such a war is going to inflict on the lives of people and the future of … Read More

Pork in “Halal” Chicken

27 Feb 2003 British Muslims were horrified whilst watching the report on a BBC 1 Programme “The Food Police” aired at 8.30pm on 26 February. The report clearly showed that a large amount of chicken which is labelled “Halal”, imported from Holland, contains extracts of pork and beef and has high levels of water content reaching between 30% and 50%. … Read More

Census Results – Social history in the making

13 Feb 2003 For the first time in 150 years, official statistics are available on the size of Britain’s faith communities. `This is a landmark event and social history in the making’, noted Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain. Statistics announced this morning by National Statistics, the government agency responsible for the 2001 Census in England … Read More

British Muslims Protest Linkage Between Eid and Terror

11 Feb 2003 The Muslim Council of Britain views with great concern the press statement issued by the Police linking the auspicious day of Eid with a possible terror attack in the UK. The Festival of Sacrifice was commemorated by Muslims all over the UK and throughout the world as a great day of rejoicing and celebration. “While we are … Read More

Holocaust Day: MCB regrets exclusion of Palestinian genocide

27 Jan 2003 The MCB has conveyed its deepest sense of pain and anguish over the Nazi Holocaust. In a message to this Monday’s Holocaust Memorial National Day ceremony in Edinburgh, Iqbal Sacranie, MCB Secretary-General said: `We are fully with the Jewish community in their pain and anguish. None of us must ever forget how the Holocaust began. We must … Read More

Heavy Police Raid on Finsbury Park Mosque

20 Jan 2003 The Muslim Council of Britain has repeatedly stated there can be no two views either about terrorism or about using a place of worship for purposes other than what it is meant for. A Mosque is a house of God and no one has a right to abuse its sanctity. British Muslims have for several years now … Read More

Trevor Phillips: A Good Choice For The CRE

17 Jan 2003 Trevor Phillips: A Good Choice For The CRE The Muslim Council of Britain warmly welcomes the appointment of Trevor Phillips as the new Chairman of the Council for Racial Equality. “We certainly look forward to the day when the CRE helps us achieve the final eradication of the more blatant inequalities in our society and then the … Read More

British Muslims Urge Prime Minister To Avert War

13 Jan 2003 In a letter today to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, the Muslim Council of Britain expressed their appreciation for his efforts towards restraining an American administration that had seemed bent upon invading Iraq from the moment the September 11 atrocities occurred, irrespective of world opinion or international law. “Your very public call upon the US to pay … Read More

Creating Hope For Young Muslims

04 Nov 2002 The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the publication today of two studies on British Muslims. ‘The Situation of Muslims in the UK’ published by the Open Society Institute (OSI) provides an expert assessment of the concerns of British Muslims and recommendations that will serve as a bench-mark to measure institutional change, not just within government, but within … Read More

Rethink Iraq War Plans, Urges MCB

15 Oct 2002 The Muslim Council of Britain urges the British government to seriously rethink its policy concerning Iraq. The MCB Central Working Committee met at the offices of its affiliate, the Federation of Muslim Organisations, in Leicester on October 12th and endorsed the findings of a special survey of over 120 Muslim bodies conducted by its Research & Documentation … Read More