We must hold true to our values

22nd January 2002 The MCB will express its deep concerns regarding the treatment of suspected al-Qaida members held captive at Guantanamo Bay at a meeting with Glyn Davies, Minister of the US Embassy in London (Deputy Chief of Mission), later this week. This follows last week’s discussion between Prime Minister Tony Blair and MCB Secretary General Yousuf Bhailok at a … Read More

Muslims and British Government launch ‘Target 2015’ booklet to reduce world poverty

Tuesday 15th January 2002   The Rt. Hon. Clare Short MP, Minister for International Development, is set to join the launch of ‘Target 2015: Halving World Poverty’ on Wednesday January 16th. The Muslim Council of Britain in conjunction with the Department for International Development (DFID), Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid will tomorrow launch the booklet ‘Target 2015: Halving World Poverty’. Target 2015 is … Read More

MCB urges comprehensive legislation on Religious Hatred

14th December 2001   The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply disappointed that an opportunity to legislate against Incitement to Religious Hatred has been lost at a time when it is needed most. “This is a setback for all who wish to rid society of hatred against people of faith,” said Yousuf Bhailok, Secretary General of the MCB.   However, … Read More

The MCB Urges Europe to Restrain Israel

4th December 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain deplores the dramatic escalation of violence in Palestine and today urged the European Union governments to act swiftly and intervene to offset heavy US bias towards Israel.   “The US seems to have given Ariel Sharon a green light to terrorise the Palestinians who have endured living under a 34-year-long military occupation. … Read More


27th November 2001 In a meeting yesterday with Home Office Ministers John Denham and Angela Eagle, a Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) delegation explained its concerns on behalf of the Muslim community about the proposed legislation on incitement to religious hatred and religiously aggravated offences.   “Our main concerns are threefold,” said Mahmud Al-Rashid, Deputy Secretary-General of the MCB. “Firstly, … Read More

MCB condemns killing of Christians in Pakistan

30th October 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain is outraged and grieved by the slaughter of innocent worshippers at St Dominic’s Catholic Church in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, yesterday. It extends its deepest sympathy and profound regret to the family, fellow worshippers and community of the 16 people who died.   “Nothing could be further from the path of Islam than this … Read More

MCB Welcomes PM’s Commitment to Palestinians

15th October 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes Prime Minister Tony Blair’s meeting with Chairman Arafat today to discuss a resumption of negotiations and a just resolution of the Palestinian cause.   “The PM visited Muslim countries in the Middle East last week and he has worked hard to understand their concerns that a stable Middle East, and thus … Read More

MCB opposes War on Afghans – Insists on Justice

9th October 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain declared its opposition to the recent US-led strikes against Afghanistan and said that they could only lead to the increased destabilisation of the region.   “British Muslims want justice to be done for the horrifying events of September 11th. These day and night strikes – which are already leading to innocent civilians … Read More

Islamic values are our guide – Statement of British Imams and Scholars

7th October 2001 A special meeting of imams (leaders) and ulama (scholars) called by The Muslim Council of Britain restated their absolute condemnation of the atrocities of 11 September in the USA and also warned against any ‘war on terrorism’ leading to loss of life of innocent people. The meeting emphasised that Muslims in Britain must remain faithful to and … Read More

Grave concern over military action

7th October 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply saddened and gravely concerned that Britain and the United States of America have begun military strikes against Afghanistan. Muslims together with the world community are concerned for the safety of innocent Afghan people.   The humanitarian needs, the right to self determination of the Afghan people, their long neglected need … Read More