The Bradford Disturbances 7- 9 July 2001

16 July 2001 This brief fact finding report by a team from The Muslim Council of Britain visiting Bradford on 13 July 2001 cannot claim to be comprehensive or systematic. Nevertheless, it was able to hear the views of many Muslim residents, observers to the events and those who had played a role in seeking to contain the situation. Summary … Read More

The MCB deplores Sharon’s visit to Downing Street

27th June 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) express deep disquiet at Mr Ariel Sharon being received at 10 Downing Street. Coming as it did against the background of Israel’s continued siege of three million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, extra judicial killings and continued bombing of civilians homes, factories, schools, mosques and churches, it was … Read More

BBC Religious Discrimination Policy Against Muslim Journalists

16th May 2001 In an alarming development, the BBC has caved in to pressure from pro-Israeli MPs and has decided to highlight the religious affiliation of Muslim journalists who broadcast news reports. In a letter from the BBC Radio 4 flagship programme, The World Tonight, BBC officials said that the journalist Faisal Bodi’s alleged position as “an avowed supporter of … Read More

Religious Affiliation Counts in the Census

27th April 2001 Census 2001 – Gathering facts to make a fairer societyReligious Affiliation Counts in the Census Sunday 29th April is an historic occasion for the faith communities across Britain. As people complete their Census forms, for the first time in England, Scotland and Wales, they will be invited to answer a question about religious identity. The main faith … Read More

International Conference on Palestinian Intifada

26th April 2001 The Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Mr Yousuf Bhailok, today returned from an International Conference on the Palestinian Intifadah held in Tehran, Iran on April 24-25th 2001. In his conference speech Mr Bhailok, on behalf of the Muslims in Britain, extended their moral support for the just cause of the long suffering of the Palestinian … Read More

Animal Welfare or Animal Warfare?

3rd April 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain said today that the terrible spread of the foot and mouth disease across our country should lead to an urgent review of the treatment of animals in our society. “Modern industrial and intensive farming techniques have been a disaster for the animals, leading to increased stress, damage to their immune system and … Read More

MCB Urges Government To Urgently Act Upon Findings of Derby Report

8th March 2001 The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the findings of the Derby Report on Religious Discrimination in England and Wales. “The Derby Report’s finding that Muslims suffered ‘a consistently higher level of unfair treatment than by most other religious groups’ reflects accurately the feelings and experiences of Muslims in the UK,” said the MCB Secretary-General, Mr Yousuf Bhailok. … Read More