Thousands of Britons take part in ‘Visit My Mosque’ initiative

08 February 2016 Thousands of Britons were welcomed into over 80 mosques across the country on Sunday 7 February, as part of the second annual ‘Visit My Mosque’ Day. Mosques across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland invited in neighbours to share tea and refreshments, alongside an insight into the day-to-day goings on of a busy Muslim centre of worship. … Read More

British Mosques Invite in Neighbours in Second National ‘Visit My Mosque’ Day

28th January 2016 On 7 February 2016, over 80 British mosques around the country will be participating in the second annual ‘Visit My Mosque’ Day.   Mosques across the UK will be sharing tea and refreshments alongside an insight into the day-to-day goings on of a busy Muslim centre of worship. #VisitMyMosque Day aims to provide a platform for Muslims … Read More

Integration Needs to Take Place Beyond the Lens of Security

18 January 2016 The Muslim Council of Britain today welcomed the Prime Minister’s call for more efforts to have English taught, but it cautioned against the language used to make such calls, and links to securitisation. Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “The Prime Minister is absolutely right in wanting English to be taught … Read More

Ramadan and School Exams: Less Hysteria, More Context Please

7th January 2016 Today some newspapers have once again led with front pages with hysteric headlines on Muslims, this time with the charge that all ‘Pupils Face Exam Shake-Up To Accommodate Fasting Muslims’.    In fact, there is no ‘shake-up’ or talk of radically changing exam timetable to fit the lives of fasting pupils. It is reasonable that the Joint Council … Read More

Muslims Help with Flood Relief

11 December 2015 Updated 30 December 2015. Britain has seen the worst flooding in a very long time following Storms Desmond and Franks, with large swathes of northern England affected. The Muslim Council of Britain is pleased its affiliates, Alimdaad Foundation UK, Penny Appeal and UK Islamic Mission, are on the ground providing much needed aid in Lancashire and Cumbria. Volunteers from … Read More

Donald Trump Does Not Represent the America We Know

8 December 2015 The Muslim Council of Britain today condemned the remarks made by US Presidential candidate Donald Trump where he proposed that the United States ban all Muslims entering that great country. The MCB supports calls for those laws banning people who spread hatred to be applied to Mr Trump, and rejects his assertions that London has no-go areas: “We have been … Read More

Air Strikes in Syria Will Not Defeat Daesh – A View From British Muslims

29 November 2015 In the next few days Members of Parliament will be confronted with the choice of extending air strikes against Daesh terrorists in Syria. Following consultation with its affiliates across the country, the Muslim Council of Britain’s Secretary General, Dr Shuja Shafi, issued the following statement: “There is no doubt that Daesh, or ISIS as it is sometimes … Read More