Children in Care – Research Project

Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Principal Investigator at Coventry University,  seeks  participants for a research project on the experiences of children of Muslim heritage as they journey through the care system in Britain.

This is part of a DFE-funded project led by the charity, Penny Appeal, that aims to increase the recruitment of Muslim foster carers and adopters, so that children of Muslim heritage do not have to wait as long as they currently do.

This project will improve outcomes for Muslim children in the care system in the Midlands, by specifically understanding their journeys and the contexts in which they occur, in order to inform policy and practice.

“We want to interview social workers, adopters and foster carers who are caring for Muslim children or who have cared for them recently. We also want to interview prospective adopters and foster carers who are interested in looking after Muslim children, to understand their motivations and their journeys so far.”

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