Daughters of Eve Conference

Muslim Women tackling controversial topics

DATE: 2nd & 3rd May 2015

VENUE: Mercure Bradford, Bankfield Hotel

The participation of Muslim women has always been prominent throughout Islamic history and in the current state, the role of British Muslim Women has never been so important. Muslim women have a vital role to play in all aspects of public and private life. Their incredible influence within families and communities continues to be the key strength of the Muslim community.

Muslim Women’s Council is hosting a weekend conference, open to women of all faiths and background, to take part in topical debates and discussions affecting British Muslims. Can Islam address the contemporary issues Muslims face in Britain? How do we bring up our Muslim children to have a positive image when there is so much negativity in the guise of terrorism, extremism, gender inequality and CSE? And many more such topics, the conference will explore the role of the media, policy makers, Sharia and Family Law.

The Weekend Conference Titled Daughters of Eve – Human Rights, Human Wrongs, Muslim Women Creating a new narrative takes place in Bradford on May 2nd/3rd.

As the second largest faith based community in the UK, Muslims are living in unprecedented times. This has placed Muslims at the heart of countless critical debates and analysis with particular reference to national/global security, cohesion, democratic participation, integration, marriage, immigration, educational/economic disadvantage and more recently Islamophobia.

Much of these debates have struggled to respectfully acknowledge views, experiences/insights of women –vital in any meaningful discussions exploring the ingredients for positive social change.

Are you concerned about the new CTS bill, the negative discourse surrounding Muslims, the impact ISIS is having on British Muslims reputation at large?

Come and Join Muslim Women from Across the UK, discuss and debate issues that concern you and affect us as Muslims.


Speakers Include:

  • Sayeeda Warsi – Lawyer, Politician, Parliamentarian
  • Aina Khan – English & Islamic Family Law Specialist
  • Ustaad Ahtsham Ali – Muslim Advisor to HM Prison Service
  • Dr Shuruq Naguib – Lecturer, Lancaster University
  • Rabiha Hannan – Co-Founder of New Horizons in British Islam

Contact Muslim Womens Council: 01274 223 230

Website: www.muslimwomenscouncil.org.uk



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