Five Things You Can Do to Help the People of Gaza


So far, the people of Gaza are earning a respite from the brutality of the Israeli war machine.

We pray to Allah that the guns are silent for longer. In the meantime, the people of Gaza are counting the cost of this conflict, hospitals and shelters have been bombed, and the Israeli siege on Gaza means essential supplies are hard to come by.

Here are five things you can do to continue to help the people of Palestine.

1. #SaveGazaKids Join the Campaign to Bring Severely Injured Children from Gaza to be Treated in the UK

Still in early stages, the Muslim Council of Britain has joined calls to bring to the UK those children severely injured in Gaza. With hospitals bombed and essential equipment in short supply, we are campaigning for at least one young life to be saved.

So far we have been in discussion with charities to help identify and bring children over, and doctors to see what help they can offer. Do your bit by signing the already-existing petition, writing to your MP and donating to charities:

2. Join the March this Saturday 9 August

Make yourself heard. Come to London on Saturday 9 August, assembling outside the BBC at Portland Place at 12 pm and marching on to rally at Hyde Park. More >

3. Get Political: Lobby Your Member of Parliament

We were all inspired by the courageous decision of Baroness Warsi to leave the government because of its continued silence over Israel’s brutality. Find out who your MP is at and ask where they stand on the Israel-Gaza conflict. And ask the following questions:

a) Will you condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza

b) Will you support an arms embargo and sanctions on Israel?

b) Will you support the campaign to bring severely injured children from Gaza to the UK for treatment?


* Please take a moment to write in and thank those who have called for stronger action on Israel. These include the Deputy Prime Minister, and Labour Party leader and prominent Conservatives as well.

* Support the boycotts, divestment and sanctions movement

More and more of us are joining the movement to boycott goods that prop up the Israeli war machine. This week, the National Union of Students added its name to the movement:

4. Donate

Over the blessed month of Ramadan, millions were raised to help the people of Gaza. Your generosity is crucial. The Disaster Emergency Committee has also launched its campaign and we, as part of the Great British Public, should help.

There are many Muslim charities also raising money for the people of Gaza.

5. Remind everyone that this is about our common humanity, not about politics or faith

The Muslim Council of Britain has made clear that this is an issue of our communion humanity. It is not a Muslim issue, it is not a Jewish issue. We have stated clearly that there should be no place for Islamophobia or anti-Semitism as we lobby for our principled position.

Please do engage with the media, politicians and others who assert otherwise. We have seen incidences of Islamophobia in the media where Muslims as a whole are accused of anti-Semitism.

We must come together, all of us, and demand peace everywhere.

See also: Supporting Gaza Can Never be an Excuse for Anti-Semitism, Jewish News

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