Khutbah Templates


July 2018Srebrenica Memorial Day

February 2018 – #VisitMyMosque2018

October 2017Black History Month

September 2017Saving Lives

June 2017Keeping Safe & Reporting Hate Crime

May 2017General Election 2017

May 2017Khutbah on Foster Care

January 2017Visit My Mosque Khutbah

November 2016 – Khutbah on Islamophobia


The weekly Friday congregational prayer (Jumuah) for Muslims takes place on Friday just after noon, which features a sermon by the Imam (spiritual leader of congregation).

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) encourages Imams delivering sermons to tackle a wide variety of social, emotional and spiritual topics relevant to Muslim communities and British society.

As part of this, the MCB produces template Friday sermons (khutbahs) on important subjects that Imams are encouraged to use partially or fully in their Friday prayer sermons

Template Friday sermons are distributed to MCB Affiliate organisations via email. Sign up to receive emails.

A list of previous Friday sermons can be found archived on this webpage below.