How Muslims Joined Fellow Londoners to Support Grenfell Tower Victims

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower in the early hours of Wednesday morning (14 June), communities rushed in to help and support the victims. The Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim charities collected donations for those who had been displaced after the fire, and the response has been nothing short of incredible! Communities got behind and donated food, clothes, toiletries to help the victims of Grenfell Tower – From people donating clothes, food, toiletries, to volunteers on the ground locally supporting and hosting victims, Mosques, Churches and Gurdwaras opening their doors for the displaced, centres collecting donations as well as drivers picking and dropping donations and victims to support centres. Charities and communities united together to help fellow Londoners, and the community response has been amazing.

Through everyone’s generosity, all the sites in West London, as well as charities storing items were overloaded with donations, and are now asking people not to donate any more items, but are asking for monetary donations to help the victims who have lost everything.

See below in pictures the efforts by the community in providing emergency relief to the victims of Grenfell Tower.