MCB Calls for Continued Goodwill Between Jewish and Muslim Communities in the UK

The Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain today expressed his horror over the ongoing violence and loss of life in Gaza. Dr. Shuja Shafi stated “Whilst we may hold strong views about the causes of the conflict and what needs to be done to bring the violence to an end, we are nevertheless resolved to ensure that the Israel-Palestine conflict does not affect the excellent relations held between Muslims and Jews in the United Kingdom. We urge all our communities to remember the importance of civility and courtesy between each other. We may hold different views on the conflict, and we may lobby and protest in accordance with our principled positions, but we are committed to ensure that this is not done at the expense of one another.”

There is a dire need to come together in humanity to stop innocent people being killed. People who feel strongly about the conflict are advised to express legitimate protest against Israeli action and pray for peace. We must not let conflicts abroad cause relations to break here in the UK. Jewish and Muslim communities have enjoyed good relations in the UK, and it is vital that is maintained, or better still, if ties are made stronger than ever before.