MCB Condemns ongoing violence in Syria

Tuesday 07 February 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain calls upon President Assad and his regime to exercise the utmost restraint in dealing with the ongoing disputes in Syria. By attacking its own people, and pursuing those seeking human rights and democracy, the Syrian government has pushed the country deeper towards civil war: risking the country’s rich heritage and diverse religious traditions.

Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain today said: “The appalling violence that we are witnessing coming out of Syria is deeply concerning. There is never any justification for the sort of oppression of civilians that we are increasingly seeing in media reporting. Over the last year we have seen citizens across the Arab world call for greater democratic rights, and the response to that call by different countries has been variable, but the outcome inevitable. The Syrian people, in their call now for greater democratic rights, should be supported and not isolated, and President Assad in his response should be in keeping within the boundaries of International Law and fundamental respect of human rights.”

He further added, “We call on the Syrian government to remove, as a matter of urgency, their troops from the streets of the country and to engage in an open and transparent process, to address the needs of the people of Syria. ” “Any external military intervention in Syria, however appealing its case may seem, is unlikely to offer any lasting and just solution. The Syrian people have to be persuaded to look to solving their problems by dialogue and negotiations. We call on the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation to exert its influence and persuade the government of Bashar al-Assad to heed the calls of the international community. The Muslim Council of Britain has supported the democratic aspirations of the Arab and Muslim world since the start of the Arab Spring. Whether it be Egypt or Libya, Bahrain or Yemen, the MCB believes that it is now time for the people of the Middle East to be allowed to live in peace, dignity and freedom.

Sara CordaMCB Condemns ongoing violence in Syria

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