Mosques: Best Practice Online Portal (Beta)

As part of proposals for holistic Best Practice Online Portal for Mosques in Britain, the MCB has produced this webpage to act as a signpost to many existing high-quality documents designed specifically to support mosques trustees and committee members in various aspects of running their mosques.

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Guidance Documents

Governance & Management

Mosque Management Toolkit – Faith Associates (2008)

Resource guide including guidelines on governance, policies and procedures, facilities management, staffing and employment, finance and fundraising, communications, accountability and transparency, madrassah and community development.

Best Practice Guidelines

General Best Practice Guidelines (PDF) – Muslim Council of Scotland (2017)

Women and Mosques

‘Five practical steps on making your mosque accessible to women’


Guide to Healthy Living: Mosques – Public Health England (2017)

Contains guidance for mosque leaders on running activities to improve the health of people they serve locally and to prevent illness. The guide includes a self-assessment checklist for mosques to reflect on current initiatives, identify gaps and develop plans for future projects.


Ramadan Guide

Fasting in Ramadan: An Education Guide – (Luton Council of Mosques, Luton Sunni Council of Mosques and Discover Islam (2018))

Advice and guidance for Teachers and Students who will be fasting in the Month of Ramadan including an overview of fasting, purpose and objectives, health considerations and exceptions, top tips for students and teachers, dealing with exams, involving your local community/families, access arrangements in schools and Eid prayer.

Ramadan: Exams and Tests – ASLC (2018)

A paper for those running primary, secondary and tertiary schools and colleges providing information and practical advice for safeguarding implications for students observing the fast during the Month of Ramadan over the summer exam period. The ASCL has worked with Imams, Islamic scholars, experts, Muslim chaplains in the education sector and education leaders (see Section 7 for a list of endorsers) to produce this guidance paper.


Security & Safety

Best Practice for Mosque & Community Safety & Step-by-Step Guide – CAIR (2002)

Contains guidelines to better equip your mosque, community centre and congregation with tools to safeguard against violent attacks or vandalism.


Islamophobia Reporting Forms and Guidance:

In cases where incidents do occur, please do tell the police and ensure it is reported adequately.

You may also wish to

  1. Report an Incident and Keep Safe Guidelines – Muslim Council of Britain
  2. Report an Incident – MEND


Mosque Open Days

How-To” guide for running a #VisitMyMosque Day – Muslim Council of Britain (2018)

Free Open Day Resources – Muslim Council of Britain (2018)


Youth Engagement

Mosque & Youth Engagement Toolkit – MINAB (2011)

Contains guidelines for increasing access, participation and involvement of young people in Mosques with several practical recommendations



Imams play a central role in mosques in many different ways. Whilst the most common role is that of leading prayer, Imams also play a pastoral and civic role through offering bereavement support, conducting marriages, running interfaith engagement, organising school visits and so much more!

The below resources are designed to facilitate this role and support Imams!

Template Friday Sermons/Khutbahs – Muslim Council of Britain (2017)

A range of template Friday sermons on important and topical subjects recommended for Imams to cover at Friday congregational (Jumuah) prayers. Free to download and adapt for your mosque!

Template Imam Role Description – Ohio Mosque, USA

Includes template job description, minimum qualifications and responsibilities for your mosque to adapt when recruiting a new Imam

A Professional Guide for Canadian Imams – Islamic Social Services Association, Canada (2004)

Contains guidance on the ethical, legal and professional responsibilities for Imams in Muslim-minority Western nations including spiritual leadership and guidance, counselling, mediation, marriages, deaths. Please note: legal aspects only relevant for Canada.

Imams Fair Wage Campaign– Imams Online

Contains guidance on the role of an Imam in the 21st century and looks at what a viable remuneration for this job role is. The guide is also useful in that it shows what legal requirements are involved in hiring an Imam.


The Green Up Toolkit – 2nd Edition, MADE (2015)

Contains tips and advice for Muslims individuals and institutions on reducing our carbon footprint, get us thinking about environmental issues and our Islamic responsibility as khalifa (stewards) to take care of the world that Allah has entrusted to us.

Green Masjid Project – ISNA (2015)

A task force set-up by Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which worked with 37 mosques to adopt specific environmentally-friendly or ‘green’ practices during the Month of Ramadhan, including 3 R’s, reducing food waste, water conservation, reducing bottled water usage and energy conservation/micro-generations projects.


Madrassahs (Supplementary Schools)

Safeguarding Our Children – Newport Safeguarding Children Board (2012)

Contains guidance on child safeguarding for mosque schools and other Islamic Studies settings for mosques in South Wales, but most aspects equally applicable to all mosques in UK.


More links to be added soon


Marriage Service

Marriage & Nikah Policy and Booking Form – Hounslow Jamia Masjid

Good example of well-researched and clearly-defined policy and booking process for marriage and ‘Nikah’ ceremonies for newly-weds conducted at a mosque.


Mental Health Support

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Domestic Violence and Helpline

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Finance & Accounting Guidelines for Mosques

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New Muslims / Convert Care and Mosques

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Current Affairs & New Legislation Guidance

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Regional Council of Mosques/Organisations

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British Muslims in Numbers – Muslim Council of Britain (2015)

A statistical study summarising the demographic, socio-economic and health profile of Muslims in Britain using data from the 2011 census.


The Missing Muslims – Citizens UK (2017)

Report with findings on the participation of Muslims in Britain in Public life, based on 500 hours of testimonies and evidence collected over 18 months by the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life.


Muslims in the Workplace – Muslim Council of Britain (2014)

A good practice guide for employers and employees in the workplace which may be useful for your congregation members encountering issues in their workplace

Policies, Procedures and Forms (Model Examples)


  1. Facilities Hire Booking Form and Agreement Terms – Harrow Central Mosque


  1. Room Booking Form – Aberdeen Mosque & Islamic Centre


  1. School Visits Booking Form and Visitors Guide – Southampton Medina Mosque


  1. School Visits Booking Form – Cheadle Mosque Association


  1. Events & Speakers Policy – East London Mosque


  1. Child Protection Policy – Al-Madina Mosque Barking


  1. Annual Report – Edinburgh Central Mosque and East London Mosque


  1. Friday Collection Request Form – Swansea University Mosque



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