British National travelling for Hajj? Live Q&A – Monday 22 Sept

Find out about the help and support available to you. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will be holding a Twitter Q&A session on Monday 22nd September. Join the live Twitter Q&A hour, to have your questions answered. Date: Monday, 22 September 2014 Time:11am to 12pm (UK Time) Send questions to @ukinsaudiarabia twitter account using#HajiUK (Focus will be on queries on supporting … Read More

Campaign Launched to Treat Gaza’s Severely Wounded Children in UK

5 August 2014 #SaveGazaKids With at least 300 children and adolescents killed in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force in the last month, a new campaign has been launched today to treat in the UK those children in desperate need of medical treatment. Because of the seven year siege, and current onslaught, Gaza lacks medical supplies, equipment and expertise. Today, … Read More

British Muslims Urge Prime Minister to Act on Gaza

1 August 2014 Over a 100 community leaders, activists, business leaders and scholars from across the British Muslim community* put their name to a joint letter to David Cameron urging the Government to act decisively to stop the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians. The civilian casualties are increasing daily, with over 1,400 dead women, children and men. The letter represents a consensus view from … Read More

The Muslim Council of Britain Responds to Peter Clarke’s “Trojan Horse” Letter Report

The Muslim of Council of Britain welcomes the Education Secretary Nicola Morgan’s assurance that the government supports ‘the right of Muslim parents to be involved in their children’s schools and their commitment to take leading roles in public life.’ The Education Secretary was responding to the latest report issued by Peter Clarke, who was asked to investigate Birmingham schools following … Read More

ICBI COURSE: Dynamic Community Development

MCB ‘Institutional Capacity Building Initiative’ (ICBI) presents: Dynamic Community Development A workshop on how your organisation can effectively assess needs and organise resources to transform your communities and have an impact. _____________________________________________________________ Saturday 1 April 2016 | 2-6pm MCB Office Board Room | E1 _____________________________________________________________ Topics & Speakers: Mamoon Al-Azami – The What and How of community development Dr. Zaza … Read More

The Sun Retracts Article After Inaccurate Article Taken From The Express

After the Express published an inaccurate article about ISIS propaganda being published in Spain to ‘influence radicals in the country’, the Sun also published a piece on this inaccurate piece of news. Miqdaad Versi, raised this up with the papers, and the Sun later retracted its article, thought the Express is still yet to take any action.  

Mail Online’s Misleading Headline Playing on Anti-Muslim Sentiment

On 20 December 2016, the Mail Online published a misleading headline with an unproven story about navity scenes apparently ‘being banned’ in case it ‘offends 1 in 4 Muslims’ living in a Belgian town. However, according to fact checkers, Snopes, they found no evidence that this was the case. After this was raised with IPSO, it was ruled that it … Read More

Daily Star Falsely Sensationalises Story on Muslims Against Policy Exchange Poll

In December 2016, the Daily Star falsely slurred Muslims against a Policy Exchange poll which misrepresented facts. The headline read, ‘Almost half Brit Muslims want Sharia Law and Wouldnt report relative in ISIS: shock study’. After a complaint by Miqdaad Versi, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, the Daily Star amended the inaccurate headline online and issued a detailed correction … Read More

The Sun Inaccurately Focuses on ‘Islamic Phrase’ In Quebec Mosque Attack Coverage

On 30th January 2017, whilst reporting on at attack at a Mosque in Quebec, the Sun newspaper inaccurately focussed on the gunman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, a phrase used by millions of Muslims across the world every day during prayers, and called it an ‘Islamist phrase’. The phrase used was in fact unverified and after a discussion with Assistant Secretary General … Read More

The Times Slurs Muslim School Without Justification

On 9th November 2016, in an article headline, the Times slurred a Muslim school by calling it ‘Islamist’ without any justification. After this was raised with The Times, they corrected the inaccurate headline online, and published a correction in print with an apology on Monday 16th January 2017 (pg 28).

‘Finding Fatimah’ – The Film Tour

Finding Fatimah Film Tour EARLY BIRD EXTENDED! Due to the popularity of the tour, we have increased the capacity of many of our venues. This means we’re giving you a second and FINAL chance to get Early Bird tickets for just £5. Must end 26th February. Premium tickets £20 each. Be one of the first to see the brand new … Read More

COURSE: ‘An Introduction to Activism’

MADE (Muslim Action for Development and Environment) is partnering up with Ebrahim College to run ‘An Introduction to Activism’, a 7-week intensive programme that looks at the islamic concept of serving society through active campaigning. The course will cover: the Islamic perspective on activism why we need activism campaigning skills community organizing skills media skills leadership skills Where: The sessions … Read More

MCB Community Dinner in London – March 2017

The Muslim Council of Britain is organising a Community Dinner to be held in Leyton, London on the evening of Friday 3rd March 2017 at 6.30pm. This is one of a number of dinners being held across different regions of the UK. Our aim is to bring together civic leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and ordinary citizens. These dinners will showcase the … Read More

MCB Internship Programme

Are you looking for a work placement or internship? Do you want to add valuable experience to your CV? Would you like to develop your professional skills? The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) offers short-term internships based in London for students or recent graduates Why work with MCB? MCB is the largest representative Muslim umbrella organisation in the UK with … Read More