The Muslim Council of Britain is a vibrant coalition of grassroots mosques and Muslim organisations.

The aim of the Muslim Council of Britain is to seek the common good, by facilitating co-operation on Muslim affairs.

The MCB’s vision has never been to duplicate, supplant or belittle existing work or to seek to become the sole rallying point. It endeavours to promote good practice throughout the community and co-ordinate work where necessary.

Below are the broad areas of the Muslim Council of Britain’s work.

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The Muslim Council of Britain has initiated a range of programmes and activities that aims to build long-term capacity and bring about awareness for the well-being of the community.

Current Projects

Leadership and Development Programme
This annual training programme aims to develop leadership capacity across Muslim communities in Britain. It aims to allow the  Muslim community to develop strategies to contribute fully for the common good of both the Muslim and wider society. More >

The Muslim Council of Britain’s founding ethos is to seek the common good. In our Islamic traditions and beliefs, we believe that it is every Muslims’ duty to seek common cause with fellow Britons to advance our collective wellbeing.

The Muslim Council of Britain British Muslims to make full use of their rights and responsibilities to further and advance equality for all communities, tolerance of differences and a staunch defence of our liberal democratic traditions and enviable civil liberties.

Current campaigns

Muslim Vote
This ongoing campaign encourages British Muslims to be active participants in our nation’s democratic culture.