Prevent: Safeguarding or Spying? – EVENT

A panel discussion of leaders from Law, Education and Health professions.


Speakers: Max Hill QC, Hashi Mohammed, Kevin Courtney, Ismet Rawat and Dr Derek Summerfield

Date: Friday 28 April 2017

Time: 6.45pm – 8.30pm

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, London, W1H 4LP

Tickets:  Free


‘Prevent’ is one of the four elements of ‘Contest’, the UK Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy. The other three elements are Pursue, Protect and Prepare.

‘Prevent’ aims to prevent people from becoming terrorists and/or supporting terrorist activities and to challenge extremist ideologies. However there are widespread concerns over the effectiveness of the strategy from across several sectors of society, growing voices that it is leading to ‘spying’ on Muslim and other communities rather than safeguarding, and recently there are delays in Prime Minister Theresa May’s upcoming Counter Extremism Bill which has in effect been grounded as government lawyers fail to provide a legally acceptable definition of extremism.

Featuring leading professionals from the law, health and education professions, “Prevent: Spying or Safeguarding” on Friday 28th April will explore the current status and future developments in this field and what the impacts for British society are likely to be.


Organisational Partners: Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), City Circle, Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML), British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) and the Muslim Engineers Network (MEN).


Panel Speakers:

Max Hill QC (Independent Reviewer of Government legislation on terrorism)

Hashi Mohamed (Special Advisor to previous IR, David Anderson QC)

Kevin Courtney (National Union of Teachers)

Ismet Rawat (Association of Muslim Lawyers)

Derek Summerfield (Consultant Psychiatrist, King’s College)