Ramadan Message from the Secretary General

I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Ramadan, and hope that this month helps us focus on our much needed time for spiritual reflection, devotion and generosity.

This week we have seen the devastating attack in Manchester which killed 22 people and left 59 people injured. Our prayers and thoughts have been with the families, and no doubt, there will be special prayers this month for all the people who have lost their loved ones in Manchester.

The event has made me reflect deeply about the important need for all organisations to work together to combat hate and deviant pathways, and to work together to promote peace and understanding between communities. The MCB has given this a lot of thought and will be reaching out and working with communities in the coming days, so that we can work together, forge stronger ties, and stamp out hate which will also help us minimise Islamophobia.

May the Almighty accept our fasts, prayers and our efforts to work for the common good, protect our country from evil and corruption, and fill it with peace.

Ramadan Mubarak