Fasting in this blessed month can be challenging for many of us. As we strive to fulfil our religious obligations, we still must continue with day-to-daylife, interact with those who may not fast and cope with long hours without food, often in demanding situations.

This web page provides guidance and resource material covering health considerations, workplace issues and how schools and colleges can support with pupils who wish to fast.

Ramadan is time for sharing. Ramadan is also a time of giving. We are encouraging all Muslims to reach out to neighbours and share their Ramadan experiences.

Use this opportunity to share your faith and your fast with Muslim and members of other faith communities. Iftars could be hosted in mosques, community centres or in our own homes. Many Muslims will also use this month to donate food to needy families in their local area.

Here’s 5 things to get you started!

Top tips and ideas!

1. Let people know about Ramadan – don’t keep them guessing, share the good news!

2. Send neighbors Iftar snacks
Include a note with the food that the month of Ramadan is here and you are sharing your joy with them.

3. Give kids ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ balloons and candy
Let your neighbours’ kids also feel the happiness of Ramadan by including chocolate and candy among your snacks. Balloons also add a nice touch, and if you can get some printed which have “Ramadan Mubarak” written on them, they may remember the blessed month even after it has passed.

4. Have a neighbourhood Iftar gathering
Invite your neighboours round for Iftar. You can send round printed invitations with a card tellling your neighbours what Ramadan is about.

5. Get your kids involved!
Encourage your children to inform their friends what Ramadan is all about and have the children invite their classmates to your Iftar gatherings.

6. Talk about what Ramadan means to you
What’s it like to fast? How do you work/go to school and still fast? These are some questions you may be asked. Don’t just point your guests to the pamphlets/websites. Tell them and use some personal examples they can relate to

Initiatives to get involved with:

There are lots of fantastic initiatives to get involved with, here is a selection of the highlights. Click on the links to find out more!

– Ramadan Tent Project – a student-led social enterprise inspiring open iftar events in major cities internationally.

– The Big Date – mosques opening their doors for visitors to come and experience what Muslims do during the Month of Ramadan.

– The Big Iftar – encouraging community centers and places of worship to host an iftar meal and welcome their friends and neighbours.

– Share Ramadan – social media campaign inspiring Muslims to share their Ramadan experience with friends, colleagues or neighbours.

– Taste Ramadan – a Greater Manchester initiative welcoming people from all faiths and backgrounds to experience a fast opening meal at a mosque with their local Muslim neighbours.

– A great 2018 example from mosques in Luton here!

Harun Khan, MCB Secretary-General, said “These fantastic initiatives clearly showcase how our diverse communities have more in common than what divides us. People coming together, sharing food and having common experiences is a far more effective way to overcome fear and misconceptions spread by those who have ill-intentions in society today. It shows real civic participation to organise such events and I commend everyone involved.”

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