MCB AGM – Sunday 7th June 2015

The MCB’s 18th AGM & Convention in Birmingham on Sunday 7th June is tackling key issues affecting our community and society at large: the impact of counter-terrorism legislation and community responses, the every-day social realities and preparing for the challenges ahead, responding to youth activism, on-going campaigns. Speakers and panellists  include: Nazir Afzal OBE (former Chief Crown Prosecutor) Talat Ahmed (MCB’s … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Writes to Metropolitan Police Commissioner On Senior Officer’s Comments on Radicalisation

26th May 2015 Following comments over the weekend by a senior Metropolitan Police officer who suggested that signs of increased religiosity and an aversion to the store Marks & Spencers could be signs of extremism, the Muslim Council of Britain has written to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner stating that such comments ‘demonstrate a startling disconnect between the police and Muslim … Read More

Keep Our Country Safe By Uniting Communities

13th May 2015 In response to the government announcement of proposed new counter-terrorism measures, on 13 May 2015 Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain issued the following statement: “Any initiative to keep our country safe is welcomed. The scourge of terrorism affects us all. We all must challenge acts of terrorism and ideas and the … Read More

We Need Tough, Evidence-Based Counter-Terrorism Strategies

23rd March 2015 Responding to the Home Secretary’s speech today, the Muslim Council of Britain issued the following statement: “Over the years, Muslims in Britain have spoken out against terrorism with one voice. Not only do such acts sully the faith the perpetrators claim to speak for, they also ruin lives within Muslim communities. We have consistently argued that the … Read More

MCB Briefing on the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill

The Muslim Council of Britain believes that the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, as it currently stands, runs the risk of at best being ineffective in its aim of keeping our nation safe, and at worst counter-productive. In line with a number of civil liberty and community organisations, the MCB has expressed its deep concern that the Bill involves a … Read More

Confront terrorism by backing freedom: the Muslim Council of Britain calls for a re-think on the proposed Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

7th January 2015 Bill significantly curtails civil rights and is unlikely to be effective Terrorism can only be defeated by more freedom and less fear The Muslim Council of Britain calls for Bill to be revisited after the General Election following extensive consultation amongst communities The Muslim Council of Britain today called on fellow Britons to urge Parliamentarians to vote … Read More