Protect religious slaughter in the UK and EU

17 February 2015 The British Veterinary Association has collected 100,000 signatures to prevent religious slaughter and enforce stunning on all animals. This will affect both Jewish and Muslim communities, for whom stunning during slaughter is not allowed. Judaism and Islam require adherents to treat animals with kindness and to minimise pain when slaughtering. The process itself is simple and does … Read More

Halal Meat in the UK

8th May 2014 Once again the last few days has seen a number of headlines on halal food. Some of them are misinformed and some are simply there to generate unnecessary hysteria. Many faiths place an emphasis on meat, and food in general, to be “pure and wholesome”, a broad concept which takes a holistic approach to the processes of rearing and consumption … Read More

Joint letter to Daily Telegraph with Schechita UK

The Muslim Council of Britain collaborated with Shechita UK in writing a letter to the Daily telegraph to explain the need of better labelling of food, so that consumers are better informed of what they are purchasing. To see the full letter click here – Concerns with lack of transparency The Daily Telegraph wrote an article about the concerns around Pizza Express, quoting the … Read More

Let’s Stop the Scaremongering Around Religious Slaughter and Face the Facts

7th March 2014 This week the president-elect of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) John Blackwell called for a ban on Zabiha and Shechita methods of slaughter if Muslims and Jews cannot find a “humane method of killing”. Dr Shuja Shafi, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) expressed his concern at the lack of evidence, before making such … Read More

Muslims and Jews United Over Non-Pre-Stunned Meat Labelling

* Proposal by RSPCA singles out religious communities for food labelling * Insisting on labelling only un-stunned meat is discriminatory 22nd November 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain today spoke out against a campaign by the RSPCA to have all meat slaughtered via the non-stunned method to be punitively labelled. Muslims must consume food that is in accordance with the religious … Read More