Mail Online Falsely Accuses Muslim Man of Parsons Green ‘Tube Bomber’

The Mail Online published an article on 22 September 2017 calling Yahyah Farroukh the ‘tube bomber’ even though he had not been charged with any crime. After MCB Assistant Secretary General, Miqdaad Versi, raised the concern about this false accusation of Yahyah Farroukh, who has since been released without charge, the Mail Online changed its phrase to ‘bombing suspect’ but … Read More

Anti Muslim Bigotry of The Sun’s, Rod Liddle, Reaches New Lows

15 September 2017 The anti-Muslim bigotry of the Sun’s Rod Liddle is so entrenched that even the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims must be Muslims’ fault according to him as he thinks that the rape, massacres and razing of villages is only “a bit, um, heavy handed”. Read MCB’s Assistant Secretary General, Miqdaad Versi’s,  response to this atrocious piece below: … Read More

BBC Removes Inflammatory Statement on Holocaust and Muslims

On 28 June 2017, the BBC reported on Muslim school girls being racially abused on a trip to visit Holocaust Memorials in Eastern Poland, and included an inflammatory statement where they wrote ‘the Holocaust is a sensitive topic for Muslims…’. After this was challenged, the BBC removed the inflammatory claim.

Mail Online Victim Blames Mosque Immediately After Terror Attack on Mosque

After the Finsbury Park Terror Attack, the Mail Online appeared to victim blame Finsbury Park Mosque (2 minutes away from the terror attack outside Muslim Welfare House) linking it to Abu Hamza, an ex hate cleric from 10 years ago who was banned from the Mosque. The headline was on the front page of the Mail Online website initially and … Read More

BBC Radio 4 Brings on Notorious Islamophobe on Today Programme Without Clear Introduction

On 30th January 2017, on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme brought on extremist conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney without providing the audience information about his background, breaching BBC Editorial Guideline 4.4.14. After a complaint was sent by the MCB Assistant Secretary General, Miqdaad Versi, the BBC acknowledged its error on 12th June 2017, although there was no apology or correction with … Read More

BBC Changes Definition of ‘Islamist’ on Front Page Story After Complaint

In May 2017, whilst the BBC was reporting Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, they published definitions of the words ‘Islamist’ and ‘Islamic’. However, the definition of the word ‘Islamist’ used was a non-standard definition, and from one individual from the Washington Institute of Near East Policy, who said the word Islamist is ‘the name of a dystopian ideology which is … Read More

Express Retraction Over False Claim School ‘Banned’ From Singing Silent Night

In December 2016, the Express falsely claimed that school children were banned from singing Silent Night over ‘fears it will offend other religions’. After this was challenged by Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Miqdaad Versi, and others, the Express corrected its misleading headline on 25th May 2017, with an acknowledgement of the error in a note at the bottom … Read More

Express Corrects Article Claiming Brit Official ‘Angry’ at Muslim Nations

In an article published on 18 November 2016, the Express published an article falsely claiming that a British Official was ‘angry’ at Muslim nations for not clamping down on extremism. After this was perpetually challenged by MCB’s Assistant Secretary General, Miqdaad Versi, the Express finally corrected its article and issued an apology on 12 January 2017. IPSO also ruled that … Read More