1 in 5 Muslims and Terrorism: Muslim Council of Britain welcomes The Times Correction of Spurious and Divisive Headline

26 November 2015 The Muslim Council of Britain today welcomed the admission by The Times newspaper that its headline “One in five British Muslims has sympathy for Isis”, was misleading in failing to reflect this. Yesterday, the Muslim Council of Britain wrote to the editor of the Times pointing out the willful misrepresentation of a poll conducted by its stablemate, … Read More

Islamic Relief Job Vacancies

Current Vacancies London Shop Assistant DEADLINE: 30.09.15 VIEW Web and Social Media Editor DEADLINE: 16.09.2015 VIEW Disaster Response Manager (Role can be based in London or Birmingham) DEADLINE 01.10.2015 VIEW UK Director DEADLINE 02.10.2015 VIEW Birmingham Head of Research and Development DEADLINE: On going until successful Appointment VIEW Head of Learning and Development DEADLINE: On going until successful Appointment VIEW … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Holds National Council Meeting 12 September 2015

The Muslim Council of Britain held its National Council meeting on 12 September 2015 at the headquarters of its affiliate Dawatul Islam UK & Eire in London. The National Council is the highest decision making meeting body of the MCB. The Council issued the following resolutions: 1.  The National Council expressed deep concern about the issue of terrorism and the … Read More

Islamophobic Hate Crimes Soar in London: Time for a National Response

7th September 2015 Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain today gave the following reaction to news that Islamophobic hate crime has soared by some 70% according to figures from the Metropolitan Police: “The rise in Islamophobic hate crimes should be a concern for us all. The fact that Muslim women bear the brunt of attacks … Read More

Muslims Make Joint Declaration to Fight Climate Change

18th August 2015 The Islamic Climate Declaration released today calls on 1.6 billion Muslims to work towards phasing out fossil fuel use, as a religious duty to fight climate change. It also calls on all leaders and politicians to do their part for a better future for all. In common with all the Abrahamic faiths, Islam considers mankind to be … Read More

Brutal Attack of 81 Year Old Muslim Man

We are shocked to hear about the brutal attack of an 81 year old Muslim man on his way to the mosque in Rotherham. We are yet to understand whether this was an Islamophobic attack due to his faith. The MCB is trying to ascertain information from the local community and police, and will put an update here in due course.

Prime Minister’s Speech on Extremism: Muslim Council of Britain Makes Initial Response

20th July 2015 In response to the Prime Minister’s speech in Birmingham, Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, issued the following statement: “We support sound evidence-based measures that confront terrorism effectively. Muslims across the world and in our country in particular, find the conduct and values of Daesh to be abhorrent. We agree with the Prime Minister that … Read More

Remembering Srebrenica Genocide – 20 years on

10th July 2015 On 11th July 2015, we remember. Twenty years ago on this day, more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys were brutally massacred in Srebrenica, despite being in a UN-protected safe area. When under attack, Muslim Bosnians had fled to the Dutch peacekeeping base in Potocari for protection. The Bosnian Serb forces arrived, led by Serbian war criminal, Radko … Read More

Friday Sermon to Remember Victims of Terrorism

Following a terrible week of Daesh-inspired violence, and in the run-up to the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings, the Muslim Council of Britaintomorrow a sermon of peace. At Friday prayers, imams will be urged to discuss the anniversary and the week’s events, reminding people ‘that these killers do not respect the sanctity of life as laid down in … Read More