Conservatives Must Not Give Bigotry a Free Pass in Europe

13 September 2018 The Muslim Council of Britain today expressed its concern that Conservative Party MEPs almost unanimously supported far-right leader Viktor Orban in a crunch vote in the European parliament yesterday. The Conservative Party were only governing party to support the far-right in this vote. Mr Orban has a track record on bigotry. He has whipped up prejudice and … Read More

Islamic New Year – Muharram, 1440

          Today, 11th September 2018, Muslims all over the world welcomed in the Islamic New Year, which begins with the first day of the month of Muharram. This month is one of the four sacred months mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and marks the significant journey (Hijra) made by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Makkah to … Read More


11 August 2018 Since Boris Johnson’s Islamophobic remarks comparing Muslim women who wear the niqab to robbers and letterboxes, his words have had a negative and potentially dangerous effect on Muslim women and Muslims generally. On LBC radio, a Muslim woman recounted her experience of being abused on the street and mocked by being compared to a letterbox. A Muslim … Read More

Boris Johnson’s Islamophobia: Tory Leadership has Urgent Questions to Answer

7 August 2018 Today the Muslim Council of Britain calls on the Conservatives to respond to serious concerns of Islamophobia in the party, especially after Boris Johnson made unacceptable remarks comparing Muslim women who wear the niqab to letterboxes and bank robbers. The intentional usage of the words in a national newspaper appear to be to pander to the far … Read More

MCB Response to Boris Johnson’s Comments on the Niqab

6 August 2018 Boris Johnson rightly opposes the Danish ban on the niqab but denigrates the minority of women who choose to wear it. He described them as looking like “letter boxes” or “bank robbers” – in language that would not be used about other faiths. His comments are particularly regrettable in this current climate, where Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred … Read More

Finsbury Park Attack – One Year On

19 June 2018 A year ago today, Darren Osbourne, a far right sympathiser hired a rented van to deliberately drive into Muslim worshippers outside the Muslim Welfare House as they finished their prayers,  killing 51 year old Makram Ali and injuring 12 other worshippers in a devastating terror attack. Our solidarity, prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families at this difficult time. … Read More