Clarification on Guardian’s ‘Alternative to Prevent’ Article

March 2018

A report in The Guardian (22/03/18) incorrectly stated that the Muslim Council of Britain is backing an anti-radicalisation programme called ‘Safe and Secure’.

We are not backing or endorsing any specific initiative however we have stated many times our position against terrorism and the duty on government agencies to keep our country safe.

To be clear, we are currently facilitating grassroots conversations as part of a National Listening Exercise on how Muslims are affected by counter terror legislation and how communities should respond. Those conversations are still ongoing and expected to reach their conclusion next year.

We wish to reiterate that the Muslim Council of Britain have no plans to set up an alternative ‘Prevent’ programme. We have in the past voiced our serious concerns about Prevent and will continue to do so. Had the MCB been approached for a statement on this subject before the article, we would have been happy to clarify this.