Counter Terrorism National Listening Exercise – London Event

The MCB is launching a National Listening Exercise on issues around counter-terrorism, seeking the views of the different Muslim communities across the UK. We will be running listening events and focus groups throughout 2018; as well as releasing a survey and asking for submissions on a range of issues around counter-terrorism

The aims of the National Listening Exercise are to:

  • ┬áMeasure the understanding and conception of terminologies related to terrorism;
  • Determine views on the causes of political violence and terrorism;
  • Understand where counter-terrorism sits on a scale of priorities for Muslim communities;
  • Determine the scale of impact terrorism has on Muslim communities;
  • Devise practical elements of policies that can effectively reduce terrorism;
  • Seek out examples where resilience has and can be built within all communities;
  • Explore the barriers to building resilience within all communities.

This event in London will mark the first in a series of events throughout the country over the course of the year. Attendees will be invited to give their thoughts on issues of great importance, and to feed into the wider consultation the MCB is conducting.

Date: 31 March 2018
Time: 10.30 – 16.30
Location: London

To attend, register here.