Incitement of Islamophobic Hatred Against East London Mosque

26 July 2017

The Muslim Council of Britain today spoke out against hatred against its affiliate, the East London Mosque, which was subject to hateful and untrue placards carried at the Pride march earlier in July.

Amongst the slogans is a fabricated statement against the East London Mosque and, as such, makes it subjected to further violent attacks.

Members belonging to a group calling itself the ‘Council of Ex-Muslims’ carried a number of provocative and offensive placards against Islam and Muslims.

The East London Mosque has recognised that, ‘living in a country where free speech is theoretically sacrosanct,’ nothing could be done about these statements.

However, the statement “East London Mosque incites murder of LGBT,” is utterly fictitious and is tantamount to inciting hatred against this religious institution.

As such, we welcome the action taken by organisers of Pride to look into the matter and their affirmation that the event will not tolerate Islamophobia.

The East London Mosque has a track record in speaking out against homophobia, most notably when the mosque proactively worked with police to denounce and remove homophobic stickers plastered around the local area.

The mosque has also worked with LGBT + groups in the area in common causes, most notably, to speak out against homophobia, hence anyone espousing anything contrary to this, is wholly misleading.



Notes to Editors:

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