Mail On Sunday Apologises After Claiming Muslims Had Attacked Immigration Vans

On 5th September 2015, the Mail on Sunday apologised to readers after claiming in an earlier article published on 25th July alluding that Muslims were responsible for attacks on vans being used during immigration raids in East London. Originally, the paper’s managing editor said he stood by the article because it had social media witnesses and an eyewitness report, but later corrected the article and apologised after a complaint sent by the MCB’s Assistant Secretary General, Miqdaad Versi, with a further meeting to discuss the article.

The full apology reads:

“An article on 26 July said a gang of Muslim youths was responsible for damaging Home Office Immigration Enforcement vehicles in Shadwell, East London, in the week the Prime Minister appealed to Muslims to help combat extremism. Muslim readers have asked to point out that youth’s religion was unclear and, in any case, irrelevant to the story. We apologise for any offence caused.”

The online version of the article had also been entirely changed to remove any mention of Islam. Below, the difference can be seen where it is possible to see how many references to “Muslim” there were in the original. The article had also changed a quote to remove the description of “local hoodies” as being Muslim.