Parsons Green Attack

15 September 2017

The Muslim Council of Britain today condemned the attack on a train in Parsons Green in London. The police have confirmed this to be a terrorist-related incident and it is quite clear that it was intended to cause significant harm.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “It appears that once again Londoners have endured a terrorist attack. The actions of the perpetrators are reprehensible and we are thankful that the incident has not claimed lives as it had the potential to do. I am grateful to the professionalism of our police, emergency services and transport workers in their response to this incident. I appeal to anyone who may have information that may assist the investigation to contact the police straight away. We do not yet know the identity or motivation of the attackers, but whatever it is, we must not allow them to achieve their ultimate aim – to drive a wedge between fellow citizens in our society.”

Anyone with images from the incident that can help the police with their investigation should upload images and videos to: 


Further information on MCB’s stance against terrorism