Shock after Two Mosques in Birmingham Attacked with Catapults

17 August 2018

The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply concerned after two mosques in Birmingham were hit with catapults yesterday, 16 August.

It has been reported that police officers were called to Masjid Qamarul Islam mosque in Small Heath, at about 10pm on Wednesday night, and then the Al-hijrah mosque, a half a mile away, around 20 minutes later. Both mosques were hit by catapult ball bearings which smashed windows during evening prayers. Police have said the bearings were thought to be from a heavy duty catapult, and are treating the incident as a hate crime.

Hassan Joudi, Deputy Secretary General of the MCB said, “It is deeply worrying that anyone would go so far in attacking places of prayer, and more so with a catapult. Mosques are places of peace, prayer and community, somewhere where people go to for quiet reflection or to catch up with local community members”.

These acts of violence have been committed against a backdrop of increasing Islamophobia. Muslim communities have found themselves at the receiving end of rising levels of hate crime, fuelled by a far-right narrative that has made its way into the mainstream through enablers in the media and those in positions of influence. We advise Mosques to remain vigilant and hope those who carried out this deplorable act, are caught swiftly and their motivations and influences made known.”

“We commend West Midlands Police for their swift action to allay fears and reassure local communities. We encourage anyone who may have seen anything to contact the Police with information”.

The MCB has reached out to support communities in Birmingham affected by this incident. Anyone with concerns can also contact the MCB for support at mosques [AT]