National Conference Kick Starts Consultation for Better Mosques

20 January 2018 Mosque leaders from across the country joined a major national conference today exploring the evolving role of mosques in 21st century Britain. Organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body, the conference kick-starts a community consultation process aimed at developing an institutionalised approach to excellence amongst Britain’s mosques. The ‘Our Mosques, Our … Read More

Muslim Communities Call for Fairness not Favours as Party Manifestos are Published

17 May 2017 The Muslim Council of Britain today launched a list of 8 key issues affecting Muslim communities, together with its election document “Fairness not Favours” and a draft Friday sermon to support Imams who wish to encourage their congregations to get involved in the political process. Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, called on … Read More

Daily Telegraph: Young Muslims in Britain need to know they can belong and shine

On 18 August 2016, the Daily Telegraph published a column written by the Muslim Council of Britain’s newly-elected Secretary General, Harun Khan. An edited extract is reproduced below. Young Muslims in Britain need to know they can belong and shine Harun Khan –Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain In the past few years a handful of young British people have … Read More

We Need Tough, Evidence-Based Counter-Terrorism Strategies

23rd March 2015 Responding to the Home Secretary’s speech today, the Muslim Council of Britain issued the following statement: “Over the years, Muslims in Britain have spoken out against terrorism with one voice. Not only do such acts sully the faith the perpetrators claim to speak for, they also ruin lives within Muslim communities. We have consistently argued that the … Read More

Muslim Council Pleased to Support National Council for Voluntary Youth Services ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ campaign

The MCB is very pleased to endorse the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) “Stop, Look & Listen National Safeguarding Campaign”. The purpose of the campaign is for everyone to take stock and reflect on their safeguarding policies, procedures and practices. More information is available on the NCVYS website link and we strongly encourage your organisation to take part. … Read More

Politicisation of Alleged ‘Islamist Plot’ to Take Over British Schools Is Dangerous

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari’s take on the ‘Trojan Horse’ controversy. The article was published in the Huffington Post on 6th May 2014.        —- In recent weeks and months the breathtaking ‘Trojan Horse’ news that ‘Islamic extremists’ in Birmingham and a few other cities are ‘taking over’ British schools is all over the place. Many call this a hoax. Being a well-informed … Read More

The Muslim Council of Britain Responds to Peter Clarke’s “Trojan Horse” Letter Report

The Muslim of Council of Britain welcomes the Education Secretary Nicola Morgan’s assurance that the government supports ‘the right of Muslim parents to be involved in their children’s schools and their commitment to take leading roles in public life.’ The Education Secretary was responding to the latest report issued by Peter Clarke, who was asked to investigate Birmingham schools following … Read More

We Need Clarity and Consistency in our Education Standards: British Muslims Respond to the Ofsted Reports of schools in Birmingham

9th June 2014 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today noted its serious concern at the conduct and outcome of the Ofsted investigation into state schools in Birmingham. The investigations were ordered by the Department for Education following the circulation of what is widely believed to be a fake dossier titled “Trojan Horse” outlining a plot of a ‘Muslim takeover of … Read More