The Times Corrects Misleading Picture Using Muslim School Children

The Times published an article online on April 13th with the headline: Parents ‘abusing’ rights over children’s religious education. The image used showed a school scene with a focused image of a hijab wearing student under a headline suggesting parental abuse of children’s religious education. Furthermore as the article explains that  parents are choosing to remove their children in opposition to them learning … Read More

Sunday Times Uses Highly Inappropriate ‘Muslim Attacks’ Term

On 5th April 2018, the Sunday Times corrected an article after alluding to two murders as ‘Muslim Attacks’. After, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Miqdaad Versi, raised this with the Sunday Times, the paper recognised its error and amended the article – though there was no acknowledgment or apology.

BBC Uses Misleading Picture Connecting Muslims to Unrelated Story

On 6 March 2018, in an article on child marriages, the BBC used a picture of Muslim girls learning how to read Arabic to illustrate child marriage – when the article relates to India and sub-Saharan Africa. After the MCB, and many others complained, they changed the picture to an ACTUAL one that at least connected to the story – … Read More

BBC Uses Appalling Term on Muslims

On March 7, in an article related to the sentencing of the heads of the far right group, Britain First, the BBC wrote about how their crimes took place during a trial, calling it a ‘Muslim gang-rape trial’. After this was challenged by the Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Miqdaad Versi, the BBC amended their article to say ‘gang … Read More

Sunday Times Bigotry – Like Muslims are Different?

On 25 March 2018, the Sunday Times amended Rod Liddle’s latest bigotry about Muslims where he claimed that “even” the Muslims were upset about anti-semitism. After this was challenged by Miqdaad Versi, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, the Sunday Times edited the article to remove a broader reference to Muslims as a whole, but did not acknowledge the error … Read More

BBC Adds Another Pillar in Islam

In an article on hijab and female dress, the BBC inaccurately wrote “One of the main pillars of the religion of Islam is female modesty”. After Miqdaad Versi, Assistant Secretary general of the MCB contacted the BBC to clarify that female modesty is not actually a pillar of Islam, they acknowledged the mistake in an email response and corrected the … Read More

Mail on Sunday Updates Sensationalist Article After Claiming Chair of Governor Resigned Because ‘Staff Too Frightened to Come to School’

The Mail on Sunday updated a sensationalist article that claimed Mr Arif Qawi, Chair of Governors at St Stephens school in Newham, resigned “because staff were frightened to come into school” due to the uproar following their hijab ban. After Assistant Secretary General of the MCB, Miqdaad Versi complained to the paper, they have now updated their article following revelations … Read More

The Sunday Times on the MCB: Getting the Facts Right

28 January 2018 Today The Sunday Times has published an article with a number of assertions about the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), primarily aimed at de-legitimising the organisation. The MCB is the country’s largest umbrella body of Muslim organisations and works similarly to many other national representative bodies. Founded in 1997, the MCB now has over 500 mosques, educational … Read More